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Why You Need to Leverage PR for Your Cryptocurrency Projects


In today’s ever-growing cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape, public relations (PR) is vital for numerous reasons, but the one that stands out is to keep investors updated. Just like in the stock market, what may have been up yesterday could be down tomorrow and vice-versa.

A savvy PR professional will be able to pitch journalists in a way that the crypto community wants to read it. A go-to agent will help build the credibility and hype of an upcoming project, but also be able to keep the community informed. To put it frankly, if a firm is not serving as its own news entity then it is doing its clients a disservice. If we don’t tell the story for our clients and keep them informed then no one else will.

“It’s not just about the hype,” said seasoned crypto investor and Victorious PR employee Gaspar Bonin. “It’s also about serving a community that feels heard. That is important. The slightest mistake can result in chaos in this sector. If the community is heard, then people will better understand a project, especially in today’s day and age, when social media platforms are opening doors for collaborations among some of the larger crypto organizations in the world.”

There are three main aspects to consider in understanding why PR can assist in getting the word out for your crypto and blockchain-related projects.


The media is already sharing your respective story, but it is PR that helps create and distribute original content across many different platforms and mediums. These content pieces are what establish you as thought leaders in cryptocurrencies and blockchains. PR ultimately helps you reach a larger audience, oftentimes on a global scale.

PR helps those with crypto and blockchain projects to garner notoriety with relevant, newsworthy and fresh content. This is what encourages an audience to subscribe, buy-into what it is you have cooking, and share across their networks as well. These differing and unique opinions can only help you shine among the competition in your field as your content is backed by data and proven with eyes on published pieces.

PR firms and agents can also help clients improve the quality of their websites, newsletters, blogs, as well as appearances and performance across social media channels. In creating content that is easily shareable on social media, your thought leadership potential is already shining.

The definitive reason how PR firms can establish their crypto clients as a thought leader is in providing content that is both readily-available across search engines and front-and-center among their client’s social media channels. Their generated content helps reach audiences on a massive tipping scale.

Audience Engagement

PR serves as the communication bridge between its crypto and blockchain clients and their respective audiences. The creative and expressive content that the agency produces is a language in itself that builds trust in the community. However, seeking the right firm that speaks the language is also key.

If a firm is not actively and regularly monitoring the industry, keeping a watchful eye on the crypto and blockchain media and coming up with fresh ideas for content, then it is probably not the one for you. 

Additionally, a stout PR rep will be educated in crypto, know the language and be active in the community, whether engaging with the audience on discussion forums or staying updated on industry-specific news. With that also comes the ability to maintain relationships with the media.

Media Outreach

Developing partnerships with crypto and blockchain media is important not just for your companies, but for the PR firms, themselves, too. It serves as yet another avenue to tell one’s story and reach potential customers and investors.

Utilizing the media is also important as they can help put your content in layman’s terms for budding and new investors to the space.

Cryptocurrency, NFT and blockchain reporters and authors are literally everywhere in the digital world. Taking time to build relationships with them and generating content that is beneficial to both sides is important and the right PR rep can do that for your company. In fact, attending conventions and festivals is also another great way to come face-to-face with industry experts.

It all comes down to who you know. Building relationships with the media and utilizing PR to help communicate your company’s story is going to literally spoon-feed the public everything they need to know about you and your business.

Functional collaboration with Victorious PR clients is vital to our process. We love to see them make impacts in their respective communities and niches, but also know that we are playing a vital role in the ongoing partnerships with them.

Victorious PR is the premier agency of PR specialists that entrepreneurs seek out for all their personal branding initiatives. We have helped guide numerous startups, business professionals, including those in real estate and crypto, earn the recognition they deserve.

We have seen many of our clients shine among their respective industries, whether appearances on popular podcasts, being featured in top publications, and even taking the TEDx stage.

Our firm is a member of both the Rolling Stone Cultural Council and the Forbes Agency Council and has won multiple accolades, including Best PR Firms in Las Vegas by Expertise, Top Las Vegas Public Relations Firms by Clutch, and Top PR Companies by Mirror Review.

If you would like to learn how you can leverage PR for crypto, book a call with us today!

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