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Why Networking is Key for Bolstering PR Efforts

Why Networking is Key for Bolstering PR Efforts

Networking plays a huge role for anyone’s organization. But the question is…why? It plays a major role in maintaining your Public Relations efforts. 

Engaging with others helps you grow your network AND increases your personal networking skills. It is the hidden key for really elevating your PR efforts to the next level. 

Without networking, it’s much harder to build your business and take it to the heights that you aspire to go to. 

Let’s check out the top two benefits of networking and how it can bolster your PR efforts.


Exposure is essentially the whole point of public relations. So why not help elevate that by networking too? 

Think about it this way. You meet a person, who then introduces you to their network, who then introduces you to their network, and so forth. It’s like a domino effect and soon enough, you have greater audience reach and exposure than ever before. 

There is a world full of influential people, business owners, and journalists, who are all readily-available for you to create ties with, which can be beneficial. 

This exposure could eventually lead to collaborations, partnerships, and even referral partners. Not to mention, lifelong friends who you can lean on. 

For example, our CEO, Victoria Kennedy, is currently in Europe securing connections at this very moment. She spends half of the year in the states and half of the year in Europe so that she can meet all different types of people, from different industries, with different backgrounds.

With this type of system, she is meeting people every single day. She is a great example of how one can go out and network with others by putting yourself in different settings, ultimately leading to maximum exposure. 
Relationships are a crucial thing to secure, especially in the world of PR.


This second key aspect is very unique because a lot of people forget about it. When talking about your business with different individuals, it’s not a one-sided street! You are then going to learn about them as well and the current industry they are in, projects they are working on, etc. 

This is giving you more knowledge about your industry as well as others, allowing you to have an advantage over your competitors. 

The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be for you to navigate your way through your industry and current events. You will ALWAYS be one step ahead in many different aspects of your business. 

And, you never know what opportunities may come out of this new profound knowledge you now have!

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