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Why Entrepreneurs Need PR in the Age of Working From Home


In this day and age, it is natural for many of us to work from home or remotely. Estimates have shown that 25% of U.S. workers (35.6 million people) have jobs that can be done in a completely remote capacity. Not to mention, entrepreneurs starting remote businesses skyrocketed during and after COVID. Further, we have seen the benefits behind these movements. Less commute stress, positive environmental impact, money saving, work from anywhere, work-life balance… the list goes on.

Companies that are completely remote are thriving more than ever before.

However, there may be some downfalls to these entrepreneur’s business habits. With the remote lifestyle comes immense isolation if one does not know how to combat it. With no physical communication and being behind closed doors for most of the day, many of the WFH crowd may be asking what they can do to remedy negative impacts. Well, the perfect solution lies in public relations.

Let’s discuss some of the downfalls of new entrepreneurs’ remote lifestyles and how PR can help.

Unusual Networking

When working remotely, you are not going into an office every day and you are not interacting with other people in the same ways you might be used to. So, naturally, you are not networking with as many people.

How are people going to learn about what you do? Think about it this way: You go to the office in the morning to get some work done. Then, maybe you go next door to grab a quick coffee and start talking to the person in line about what you do. Soon enough, they are asking for your card and saying they will be in touch. These types of interactions don’t happen when working from home. In order to get your name out there, one must use different avenues, such as public relations (being featured on podcasts, for example!)

No Physical Location

Have you ever driven past a business and were curious about it, so you decided to look it up? Maybe you even went on to purchase their services or products. With remote work, there’s no building to drive past. The closest you will probably get to that is a website. But, one thing here: How are they going to find your website? That is when public relations comes into play once again. If you build your authority and credibility, you will be known. When someone Googles your name or industry, you will pop up!

Lack of Fellow Business Awareness

If you don’t have public relations, whether that is through the press, podcasts, or TV appearances, other businesses are not going to know about you. Why is that important? Well, again, it goes back to networking and relationships. When other businesses are aware of who you are, it can lead to potential affiliate partnerships and leads. More business for you!

If you would like to learn more about how you can use PR in the age of working from home, book a call with us today!

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