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What to Share with The Media When You Start Getting PR

What to Share with The Media When You Start Getting PR

So you’ve done your research, scoured Google, and you finally found the best PR firm for your startup business. Now what?

You might be wondering what sorts of things you should share with your PR specialists and they help you define your branding and personal narrative. Maybe you poured your heart out to them and now you’re worried they will share everything with the press. Don’t worry, it is the job of top PR agencies and go-to agents to do the exact opposite; mystery is a fun tool to use in PR.

In fact, when we pitch to top-tier publications, we want your branding and story to be as streamlined as possible. So, what information do we share with the media and what do we leave out? Keep reading to find out!

Do: Share Your Why

The best public relations firms in the United States are big on sharing your WHY. We love finding out what brought entrepreneurs to the level of success they are at today, and we know that it is always more than a love of working for themselves and financial freedom.

Your ‘why’ might be because you want to fulfill a lifelong dream, give back to the planet, support single mothers like yourself, protect a dying hobby, or a million other reasons that are unique to every individual.

Why did you start your business? Why are you pushing for it to succeed and never giving up? That is the basis of a great PR story that people want to read!

Don’t: Give TMI

Maybe you had a rough childhood or a messy divorce. Everyone has something like this, and parts of those stories are crucial to tell. How did overcoming those obstacles make you a stronger person or teach you something you still use today?

Sharing those things helps your target audience resonate with and relate to you. But you definitely want to leave out the ‘dirty details.’ If you wouldn’t want your 5 year old to read it, best to keep it to yourself. If you aren’t sure, the rule of thumb is not to share.

The good news is that it’s your PR firm’s responsibility to guide you in these matters!

Do: Share Your Credibility!

We specialize in building credibility and authority for you and your business, startup, real estate agency, or crypto project. While being featured in magazines is one of the top ways to make you more credible, sharing your accomplishments within those publications is crucial.

If you won an award but nobody knows, did you really win an award? Adding your past accomplishments — even adding current ones like if you were just featured in another big publication — to your articles boosts the credibility of those articles.

For example, if you were mentioned in Forbes, and the next week we pitch you to Entrepreneur Magazine, we might say, ‘JoAnn Smith, CEO of Amazing Company, has been featured in Forbes Magazine among others,’ in your boilerplate. It all depends on timing, and that is what top PR agencies are best at doing for you!

Discover the key insights on what to communicate with your premier PR agency and how this can significantly enhance your credibility and authority. Interested in learning more? Book a call with us today!

At Victorious PR, collaboration with our exceptional clients is not just a practice; it’s a crucial element of success. Our portfolio spans a diverse range, including startups, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, and crypto projects.

As esteemed members of the Rolling Stone Cultural Council, we have garnered recognition, highlighted by accolades like Best PR Firms in Las Vegas by Expertise, acknowledgment among the Top Las Vegas Public Relations Firms by Clutch, and distinction as Top PR Companies by Mirror Review.

Our focus is on empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to secure noteworthy segments and features in industry-specific media, local press, podcasts, and renowned publications. This strategic positioning allows the public to perceive them as authoritative figures in their respective fields. Through our proven PR framework, clients have built enduring authority, credibility, and visibility. We’re excited about the prospect of helping you achieve the same level of success!

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