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What is PR? Learn the Basics

What is PR

The first thing most people think about when they hear the words ‘Public Relations’ is journalism or advertisements. However, it involves much more than this.

Public Relations is often shortened to PR. It refers to the way organizations and businesses communicate with the public and the press in order to build mutually beneficial relationships with both.

Although it sounds simple, it involves a complex strategy to be put into place. This is why many businesses and organizations invest in a PR agency such as Victorious PR. Agencies can take the pressure off a business owner or entrepreneur to do all of their own PR, leaving them time to spend elsewhere in their business.

What Does PR Involve?

When a business consistently provides high-quality content or services to its customers, they are more likely to come back in the future.  Customers start to trust the brands that are praised in the media. It can take up a lot of time trying to manage and control exactly which details of the business are released to external media outlets.

Investing in a PR agency saves any business owner or entrepreneur this time by taking responsibility over relationship building with the press and public. This provides more time to enhance other areas of the business, as well as creating a great long-term relationship between the business and its prospective customers.

A huge part of PR is storytelling. A PR agent is able to curate a story in favor of the brand. One that shows them in the best light possible. Even when a negative situation threatens to damage the reputation of the business, a PR manager makes sure that the positives are highlighted to the press. They analyze all the details to translate them into a positive message that is released to the public. This protects the business and keeps its reputation strong.

People are likely to share stories about a brand when they resonate with the stories that the brand tells. This is another reason that the storytelling abilities of a PR agency come in handy to create a strong reputation and an engaged audience. Once this loyal audience has been established, growth becomes easier due to happy existing customers referring new customers through positive reviews and worth of mouth. This generates more leads and boosts sales.

One of the main goals of PR is to enhance brand visibility and credibility and build authority within the industry. This goal is achieved through communication with the press and media outlets, which is something that agencies like Victorious PR can manage effectively.

Customers are more likely to trust businesses that have a good press, and consistently show up in a positive manner. An established organization or business will generate a lot of leads. Leads can easily turn into sales, which can result in a number of loyal and returning customers over time.

What does a PR agency do?

A PR agency can do a number of things to increase brand credibility and visibility.

  • Writing and distributing stories or press releases
  • Communicating with news outlets
  • Creating a positive story to represent the business to the public
  • Performing market research
  • Creating promotional content for a website or social media channels 
The Difference Between PR and Advertising

Many people think that the terms PR and advertising are synonymous. However, there are key differences, and it’s important for any business owner or entrepreneur to know what these are. 

Both PR and advertising help brands communicate with their target audiences. The main difference is that advertising often requires financial payment in order to be effective. PR, on the other hand, gains results through communication between the business and media outlets. The latter enables a mutually beneficial relationship to be established. For example, a business could pitch a news story to the press, who can publish it to the media. The business gains exposure, and the media outlet gains a story so that both parties gain some benefit from the PR.

Advertising can increase brand exposure, but PR increases brand trust. When a customer does not feel like they are being sold to, and instead feels like their problems are being answered by a business, their trust increases. Having this authenticity can greatly increase customer loyalty and enhance brand reputation, both of which are key to success.

PR is less expensive than advertising and can create a more long-term growth strategy that benefits both the business and its customers.

Every business owner or entrepreneur should consider hiring a PR manager to control communication between the brand and the public. Victorious PR is a top PR firm that specializes in providing high-quality PR services for real estate, mortgage, and solar companies. They were chosen as one of the best PR firms in Las Vegas 2021 by With years of experience behind them, they are a top PR firm that can help any business build a positive reputation, generate more leads, and experience amazing growth.

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