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What is Influencer Marketing and Is It Important for Business?

What is Influencer Marketing and Is It Important for Business?

Influencer marketing is just what it sounds like, but there are nuances that every business should know about. Here, we define influencer marketing, discuss the pros and cons, and give some tips for you to get started. Want to find out if influencer marketing is right for your business? Read on! (Hint: It is a great avenue for everyone!)

Defining Influencer Marketing

An influencer is defined as anyone who has, you guessed it, an influence on consumers. Typically, an influencer is someone with a strong social media presence, but traditionally, influencers were celebrities.

Marketing, which is the act of promoting a business or service, easily pairs with influencers. It might seem like a scary new concept, but in reality, influencer marketing is the modern evolution of celebrity endorsements. This evolutionary pairing is a dream come true in the public relations sector because influencers are one of the most direct ways to communicate with the public.

Influencers can be found on Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and blogs. There is an influencer in every market, and they have the power to influence consumer purchasing because they have built a follower base in their niche from the ground up. This trust gives them a huge amount of authority. If you follow someone, you trust what they say. You want to buy the products they buy because they inspire you. You want to be just like them, and it seems so attainable because they aren’t some far-off celebrity you know you’ll never interact with.

Everyone wins with influencer marketing. The followers get to digest content and support their idol, the influencer and business create a symbiotic relationship that benefits them both.

Pros and Cons

There are way more pros than cons when it comes to influencer marketing! The format increases visibility, builds authority, and creates brand trust within your niche. It gives you a credible reputation, and of course, boosts sales.

Sure, you can (and should) be featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Inman, but building trust comes from being a real human. Influencers are so popular because they are much more accessible than traditional celebrities. They interact with their followers and make each one feel like they have a special bond.

Influencer marketing can even land you in the press and media. Some publications, like Buzzfeed, use social media as a research tool for new topics. This pro isn’t a guarantee, but being marketed on social media increases your chances. At Victorious PR, we have our methods of getting our clients into publications, but of course, the more the merrier!

The con, however, is that if you choose the ‘wrong’ influencer, it can have the potential to hurt your business. Because there is a human element, there is a risk of human error. Having a talented PR firm behind the scenes makes all the difference in overcoming these sticky situations. The next section will help you to prevent this costly mistake.

Pro Tips

In the world of PR, it can be easy to forget to be yourself. You might be inclined to focus on sales and instant stardom for your business, but real success comes from trust and credibility.

Make sure you do your research. People can see through cash grabs, especially on social media. Become an influencer ally. This means that you tailor your proposition, influencer by influencer. The key is to market to the influencers themselves, be friendly, and be approachable.

Choose an influencer, or a few, that mirror your brand’s messages and goals. If you see an influencer as a potential customer of your company, you are on the right track. Keep the mindset of, “Would this person buy my product or service without a contractual obligation?” Those are the people you want to promote your business.

Remember that you are a human being, not just a brand name. Influencers are protective of their audience. And if you come across one who isn’t, run the other way! The template of influencer marketing is all about showing credibility and excellence. An influencer with a high follower count but no filtering process when it comes to choosing their partnerships will ensure that their followers will be skeptical of your brand.

So, Should Your Business Utilize Influencer Marketing?

Any business can benefit from influencer marketing. You might automatically think of makeup, luxury cars, and sports. But from real estate agents to solar power companies to mortgage brokers, every business has a niche. There is always a target audience available on the internet.

Don’t know where to start? Top PR firms like Victorious PR are a great jumping-off point. We were chosen as one of the best PR firms in Las Vegas 2021 by, and one of our biggest strong suits is pairing clients with influencers who align with our clients’ messages. Schedule a call with us today to find out more about getting started with influencer marketing!

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