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What do Public Relations Specialists do?

What do Public Relations Specialists do?

Public Relations specialists, commonly referred to as PR representatives or PR reps, are tasked with ensuring their client’s reputation is positive, well-known, and loved in the public eye. PR reps take care of everything from their client’s brand messaging to scheduling them on podcasts or public speaking events.

Essentially, PR reps handle a person’s, organization’s, or business’ communication with the public. In some cases, reps are a business’ right-hand, such as in politics, where it is rare to see most politicians without their press secretary. In most cases, PR reps stay behind the scenes, working to place their client into their industry-specific spotlight.

The bottom line is that PR reps build their client’s authority, credibility, and positive visibility in their target niche. By working on authority building as a basis for success, PR reps use their client’s measurable talents to bring them to the forefront of their target audience.

Great PR reps will strive to place their clients in earned media, not paid press. To do this, a client needs to be a credible expert in their field. Once the public sees the client as a credible source, editors of publications such as Inman, Rolling Stone, Entrepreneur, and more are more than happy to feature the client in their articles.

A public relations team will draft press releases and articles about their client, pitching these pieces to broadcasters and journalists who might publish their materials. This portion takes the most work for the PR rep, who must stay on a constant communication scale with their various media contacts to ensure the highest visibility possible for their client.

Public relations is all about effective communication. PR reps communicate with their clients to learn and understand their brand history and story. Then they liaise with the media to properly relay that story. PR reps speak to the public through these channels of communication on behalf of their clients, sending a thoughtful message to an industry-specific audience. This system creates a bond between the client and their audience.

A good public relations specialist listens and learns, takes notes, and chimes in where necessary to ensure that your story is effectively clear and meaningful. A great public relations specialist does all of those things, plus ensures that your perfectly-crafted narrative is blasted loud and proud to a large but tailored audience.

If your goal is to meet more clients, spread knowledge, or increase sales, a fantastic PR rep from a world-class PR firm will help you meet those goals. The efforts of PR are slightly nebulous and tricky to measure, but it is so rewarding to get your brand in front of people who align with your values and goals.

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