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Victorious PR Pricing: Affordable & Customized

Victorious PR Pricing

Victorious PR packages are custom made for each client depending on your needs. Each package, from 3- to 6- to 9- to 12-month options, includes guaranteed press releases, publication features (we call these ‘media wins’!), and access to our proven framework that positions you as the Number One Authority in your niche.

Additionally, we use that same proven framework to ensure your articles are featured in publications that rank on Google and have high domain ratings — such as Marketwatch with a rating of 91.

We are happy to work with your budget to create a solution that will work for your PR goals! Please schedule a call with us to learn more, and see further details below about our supplementary services!

Victorious PR has a menu of extra services that will be added to your proposal should you require them. Please note that some of these options are only available for 6-month or longer package timelines, which we will specify as we learn about your story and your unique needs!

These offerings include:

  • Podcast pitching to shows specific to your target audience
  • Securing nationwide TV placements on shows and news channels such as Coffee with America!
  • Personally-crafted TEDx Talk pitching and follow-up that align with your expertise by researching which Talk themes speak to your niche! This service includes our guidance and prep throughout your TEDx timeline.

We always make sure to fill your package with the most valuable options available based on your needs. That is why we create custom upgrades as your campaign progresses as we see fit, to ensure you are getting the highest quality PR money can buy.

Why You Need PR

Public relations is highly beneficial for entrepreneurs and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Suppose you’ve ever wondered why your competitor seems to be raking in the clientele base because they are a credible authority in your industry. That superstar has a PR team supporting their efforts.

Don’t believe you are credible, well-known, or important enough for PR? That is precisely the reason why you need it! Good PR creates the credibility, visibility, and import, not the other way around.

Who is Victorious PR?

We want to support you in becoming a household name in your field and position you as the ultimate authority and Category King or Queen of your niche. We help you control your narrative by developing, sharpening, and communicating your story in the public eye.

We are one of the Top PR Firms in Las Vegas by Our CEO and Founder, Victoria Kennedy, is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, which brings together top-tier professionals from PR, marketing, and branding agencies for networking, thought leadership, and social impact purposes. She is also a member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council, an elite group of thought leaders that creates visibility and impact for its members.

Schedule a call with us today so we can start working on your curated proposal!

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