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Victoria Dropped a Single, And It’s Already No. 1!


Our Founder and CEO of Victorious PR, Victoria Kennedy, released a single last week, “O Mio Babbino Caro,” on iTunes — and it reached #1 on the UK and #3 on the US iTunes Classical Charts in just 24 hours! The song is her rendition of the classic piece, originally composed by Giacomo Puccini and Giovacchino Forzano, in 1918.

We are thrilled, to say the least! She recorded the song at The Tone Factory, produced by Vinnie Castaldo, in Las Vegas; did a photoshoot for the single cover in Chateau de Bouceel in the Normandy French countryside; and fabulously awaited the results of the release from the comfort of her stateside home.

The song is available to download here, is available on all other music streaming platforms, and the accompanying music video launches this Thursday on YouTube!

Summer of Song

Victoria has always been in love with — and ridiculously talented at — opera singing, and she is dipping her toes back in after a two year hiatus. Or, rather, she is jumping in with both feet. Victoria’s first performance since her intermission kicked off Million Dollar Mastermind with the American National Anthem earlier this summer.

We are a fully remote business, and most of us have not met in person, but a couple lucky team members were able to see her sing at the event — she did a spectacular job. One woman came up to us after the performance to say that Victoria’s singing made her cry. She was among the many who came to seek Victoria’s autograph, which of course she graciously gave.

She has since been invited to perform at the grand opening of Forbes Netherlands and the Forbes Monaco Metaverse Gala. She even interviewed HAUSER and Anna Netrebko at Villa Bocelli (as in Andrea Bocelli!) just a few days ago.

We are delighted that our leader is stepping back into the spotlight that was clearly made for her, and we stand behind her as she gracefully balances singing while growing and leading Victorious PR. Seriously, what a powerhouse!

If you would like to learn how you can work with the PR firm that was created by a classical crossover star (whose PR campaign, of course, we run as well), please do not hesitate to book a call with us today!

Victoria feels that working in tandem with our clients is essential, she loves to watch how our PR Specialists impact the lives and businesses of our clients. We are the go-to agents and PR professionals for startups, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, cryptocurrency projects, and more. Victoria has said before, internally and with passion, that we are changing people’s lives, and it is her legacy — with her own main character musical soundtrack — to continue to do so.

Victorious PR is the number one PR agency that helps entrepreneurs and their businesses obtain features and mentions in industry-specific press, local media, all-star podcasts, and top tier publications. Our goal is for the public to see each of our clients as the industry authorities in their specific fields. There is riches in the niches, and no client is too similar to another to not have their own niche: We use brand strategy for each client to define their unique specifications for targeting their market audience.

Our clients have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and so many more. They have built ongoing authority, credibility, and visibility by maintaining their messaging with our proven Victorious PR framework. Just look at Victoria, who has been doing her own PR since before the firm’s inception, and we are pleased to continue the work she cut out for herself!

Victoria is also a proud member of the Rolling Stone Cultural Council and the Forbes Agency Council. Victorious PR has won multiple accolades, including Best PR Firms in Las Vegas by Expertise, Top Las Vegas Public Relations Firms by Clutch, and Top PR Companies by Mirror Review. Most recently, we won #1 Fastest Growing Agency in the US by PRovoke Media’s 2022 Global PR Agency Rankings.

From all of us at Victorious PR, we are so proud of you Victoria!! Congratulations, and here’s to many more #1 songs and smashing performance successes all over the world!

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