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The Manifest Recognizes Victorious PR as One of the Most-Reviewed PR Companies in the World

The Manifest Recognizes Victorious PR as One of the Most-Reviewed PR Companies in the World

Victorious PR is an award-winning full-service PR agency that helps Impactful leaders and businesses be seen and heard to have a more significant influence on the world. We aid companies to enhance their digital presence and be seen as the #1 authority in their niche. We work across fields to build brands that attract, offer a unique position, and effect real change in the world.

Today, we’re happy to share that we’re listed among the leading The Manifest Top 100 Agencies in the world. According to the platform, we’re one of the top PR agencies globally.

We at Victorious PR understand that publicity is more than just an article published in a magazine. We focus on building a strong foundation for our clients that includes a multi-faceted approach from print, digital, podcasts, TV, and speaking opportunities. To be the recipient of this newest award means a lot to us!

HG & Associates, Inc. is a contractor business coaching firm that engaged with us for PR services. Our main objective is to help them identify and broadcast their business into their marketplace. 

“They started by having online meetings with me after I completed the written essay requests. They immediately ran a news piece that landed me on the cover of LA Digital Times. From that one piece, I landed a client who paid for the fee I paid Victorious PR. They were not afraid to jump in and discover what I do and the benefits my clients get from my program.” — Henry Goudreau, Founder & President, HG & Associates, Inc.

We’re grateful to the partner for this detailed review. Discover more about our projects by reading through the newest list on The Manifest.

Our affiliation with the Rolling Stone Cultural Council reflects our unwavering commitment to cultural influence. Our contributions have not gone unnoticed, earning us accolades such as the title of Best PR Firms in Las Vegas by Expertise. Furthermore, Clutch has spotlighted us among the top Las Vegas Public Relations Firms, and Mirror Review recognizes our standing among the elite PR Companies.

For more information about our services, please contact us right away.

For more information about Victorious PR or if you would like to learn more about how leveraging PR is vital for your credibility and authority, book a call with us today!

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