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Be known as the most trusted real estate agent in your area by becoming not just an agent, but a thought leader, in your industry.

What Happens
When You Have a PR Team?

Creating visibility and authority that launches you to the next level of your real estate career is exhilarating with the right tools and a stellar PR team by your side! Remember when people used to put their faces on benches and buses to ‘be somebody’ in the property sales industry?

With the world wide web at our fingertips, there are now unlimited ‘benches’ and ‘buses’ at your disposal — but now they’re called ‘press releases’ and ‘articles.’ And they showcase you with an added backing of credibility.

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    Your PR representative

    will communicate with you every step of the way to make sure you make the exact mark you want to make on the world. We work hard to ensure we convey every detail correctly to your satisfaction.

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    Our professional in-house writing team

    uses the details you provide to us on our onboarding call to generate press releases, profile pieces, and advice articles that spotlight you as the number one realtor, property sales expert, or realty-adjacent technology originator.

By developing a library of high-visibility media appearances, we establish you as the most credible, respected, and sought-after authority in your space.



Praise from the
Real Estate Industry

“We’ve been getting flooded with a bunch of calls over the past couple of weeks. Literally again, people scheduling on our calendar just from reading about us in these different articles and things like that. We’ve been closing clients left and right. Just from people that have been coming from the PR stuff. Thanks so much, Victoria.”

Aaron Martinez
Aaron Martinez Co-Founder of RE Agent Growth

Victoria did amazing things. Uncovered things that I never even thought of, like going to different publications and getting us sent to those publications, with stories and was able to get us sent to the RJ and which is a huge local newspaper. And I got a lot of personal private messages. She uncovered a lot of ways to get our brand and my face out in front of people that I would have never imagined I could have been in front of.

Coltyn Simmons Founder of Custom Fit Real Estate

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Are You Ready to Become the Most Known Authority in Real Estate?

Are you in the real estate industry?

Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by PR Firm options?

Do you want to level up in the home sale industry?
Do you want to tell the world your inspiring origin story?
Do you want to be the number one real estate agent in your area?
Do you want to be the agent everyone knows to call when they want to buy a home or sell their property?
Do you want to be well-known as the credible, intelligent professional you are?
Maybe you want all of these things, but you don’t know where to start.

We are your start.

We can answer your questions and set you on the path of continuous success in the public eye.

Let us help you become the number one authority in real estate by increasing your visibility and credibility in front of the audience that matters to YOU.

Not sure what all of that really means and why it should matter? We are excited to explain…