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Engaging Millennial Homebuyers: PR Strategies for Real Estate Pros

PR Strategies for Real Estate

The millennial demographic has quickly become a key target audience in the real estate industry. In fact, up until fairly recently, most millennials weren’t interested in the housing market at all, choosing instead to rent or move back in with their parents after leaving their dorm rooms in an effort to save money.

Out of all the previous generations, millennials seemed to wait the longest to buy their first home. But now that the wait is officially over, this demographic will have a significant impact on the market. With these first-time buyers coming in hot, real estate professionals need tactics and strategies for effectively engaging and appealing to the millennial homebuyer, and believe it not, PR can help with this.

Effective Millennial-Centered Strategies

PR Strategies for Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, a strong public relations strategy is beneficial regardless of demographic, but when that demographic is as particular as millennials typically are, it’s even more important.

When a millennial is looking for a home, that home needs to be located and presented in a certain way.

One of the most important things about a home is its location. Millennials want to be close to everything they need. If they are going to be spending money on a mortgage, their utilities, and groceries, they don’t also want to be spending money on a large, unnecessary commute. Houses that are either close to shopping centers, grocery stores, local businesses, and restaurants, or within a decent proximity to a highway or interstate that can get them to these places closely are going to be a hot commodity. 

If the location is right, you need to make sure the presentation is as well. Millennials prefer large, open spaces, so highlighting an open floor plan and high ceilings will go a long way in getting them in the door. Once they’re there, pointing out storage, updates, and modern features could really seal the deal. Hardwood floors that require little in the way of upkeep and easy to clean counters and appliances really catch their eye.

Be Tech Savvy

PR Strategies for Real Estate

Because millennials heavily rely on technology, listings with these specific details would be the most likely to catch their attention. Now that buyers don’t even have to enter the home to make an offer and complete a sale, the online presence of your listings is more important than you might think.

This means that the way the home is staged in the photos is also really important. Is furniture placed in a way that highlights the open floor plan they’re wanting? Is there art on the walls and greenery in the rooms? These little details matter a lot to a millennial, especially since they need to picture the home how they would have it, and a perfectly staged home can help them craft this image.

So Where Does the PR Come In?

PR Strategies for Real Estate

We’re glad you asked. Effective PR will get you on the map and in the sights of the millennials that are ready to start looking or are already looking around. A strong PR strategy gets you into publications and helps you build your online presence, whether it’s reworking your professional site to be more effective and appealing to those who would visit or amping up your social media sites to drive more traffic.

Getting your name and your services out to your target audience is how you build your credibility and your reputation, and nobody will work a professional they don’t actually believe is professional or trustworthy. PR covers your bases so that all you have to do is focus on is what you are good at—making the sale. 

Victorious PR wants to be your go-to agent for all your PR needs. We were voted the Best Public Relations Firm in Las Vegas by, are part of the Rolling Stone Culture Council, and hold a Forbes Agency Council membership. Our CEO, Victoria Kennedy, is also a talented TEDx speaker. If you would like to learn more about what PR can do for you and your business, please book a call with us today to meet our team! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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