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Our work follows three stages: defining the brand strategy content for media with the client, developing the content with our excellent team of writers and brand strategists and finally activating the campaign by promoting our client’s work to the media (including online, print and broadcast), focusing on the specific story angles and media niches the client is part of or interested in connecting with.



Praise from the Best

"She has helped us be published in over 100 publications in under 60 days of working with her. She also got me as a contributor to National Mortgage News which is one of the TOP mortgage publications in the nation. I highly recommend working with her. Her team has been amazing and she really understands how we want to brand and how we are looking to grow. I've already seen a lift of people coming to us having seen us in some of these publications."

Luke Shankula Case Studies Victorious PR
Luke Shankula CEO of Paragon Digital Marketing

Victoria did amazing things. Uncovered things that I never even thought of, like going to different publications and getting us sent to those publications, with stories and was able to get us sent to the RJ and which is a huge local newspaper. And I got a lot of personal private messages. She uncovered a lot of ways to get our brand and my face out in front of people that I would have never imagined I could have been in front of.

Coltyn Simmons Founder of Custom Fit Real Estate

"She has genuinely helped my business tremendously and my personal brand. She has been getting me on podcasts, on articles all over the internet. And I have become the authoritative brand in my space. And it’s been such an asset to our organization".

Jared Curry
Jared Curry CEO of Scope Marketing

Podcasts We Have Gotten Our Clients On

Super Agents Live
Thrive Loud
Think Business
Mortgage Lending
Action & Ambition
Bulletproof Cashflow

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Financial Freedom Summit
Voices of Women Summit

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