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Member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council

Member of the Rolling Stone

We are proud to say that as of 2021, our very own CEO and TEDx Speaker, Victoria Kennedy, is a member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council!

The Culture Council provides unparalleled visibility and impact for its members. It’s an elite group where the top thought leaders, industry movers and shakers, and superior experts can connect and grow from one another.

“Rolling Stone Culture Council is a private, vetted community for influencers, tastemakers, and innovators in the worlds of music, entertainment, media, food & beverage, fashion, sports, gaming, and cannabis.” — 

Every month, the Rolling Stone Culture Council puts questions to its members, who serve as expert panelists to field the industry’s most popular questions for burgeoning business leaders.

To date, Kennedy has answered the call on topics such as:


Additionally, she is an expert in:

  • Authority Building
  • How to Create Visibility and Credibility for Your Business
  • PR for Entrepreneurs: How and Why You Need PR

Kennedy has also written articles for Rolling Stone as a sole contributor, such as How I Reinvented Myself and How You Can Do the Same: There’s nothing stopping you but yourself.

She is thrilled to be part of such a prestigious group of thought leaders. And trust us when we say, being thrilled for her is no small thing — we love watching her get so excited to tell us this kind of news at team meetings!

Kennedy’s enthusiasm is one of the biggest reasons we all strive for excellence every day. She inspires us all to be excellent go-getters who put our best foot forward 100% of the time. With precision, good-heartedness, integrity, and personal responsibility, the internal culture of our organization mirrors that of Kennedy’s values.

With such a stellar core purpose, Kennedy is able to give real, tried-and-proven insight into issues that lie at the heart of most industry creatives’ ventures. She uses her field knowledge and skills to create a personal branding story for each of our clients, getting them into high-ranking press and publications.

She is anything but surface level, choosing to dive deep into the narratives she curates for our clients.

If you want to learn from an expert like her, check out her contributions to Rolling Stone, or meet her face-to-face by becoming a client of Victorious PR!


Victorious PR was voted one of the Top PR Agencies in Las Vegas by We service clients who desire healthcare, cryptocurrency, and real estate press. We do this by creating personal branding for entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and coaches who want to become the Number One Authority in their niche.

Victorious PR works with fresh and seasoned professionals to help them define, curate and spread their branding to their target audience. Our PR specialists are the industry’s go-to agents. And we are led by a member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council!

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