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How to Optimize Your Socials to Leverage Your Press

How to Optimize Your Socials to Leverage Your Press

While we work closely with our clients to help them optimize their socials for press with a brand strategy kick-off call, we would love to share some tips for anyone who is planning to hire a PR firm. It is really important to ensure you are able to handle social media management before hiring a PR firm, because it can make or break your campaign — to a point.

PR is fabulous and can benefit your business on its own, which is an elegant approach. But to get the best bang for your buck and create a positive feedback loop, being proactive about your socials is crucial.

First and foremost, be PROUD of what you are accomplishing in the media! This is not the time to be humble, although we’ve mentioned before that people with this personality trait are great candidates for PR due to their stories never having been publicly told. If you are the shy type, you must push past your misgivings and create consistent posts about your media wins.

The best public relations firms will create graphics for you that you can share on your socials too! (Hint: You are on their website right now.)

Not Just Posts: The Magic of Stories & Highlights

If you are posting about your media wins, you are off to an excellent start. Remember, each post doesn’t have to be about new press every time either. A simple, ‘Remember when…’ will do the trick. Just make sure to mix in new publications time and again. But what are the other tools available to you on social media?

Stories and highlights are fabulous features that add an extra layer of visibility to your press coverage.

Use stories as a place to showcase your media wins in real time — as soon as you hear about them. These ‘official win’ posts should be saved to your press highlight — more on that later. Also, film temporary stories of yourself or your team talking about how excited you or they are to be in Entrepreneur or Forbes magazine!

Even if you were featured in a publication that you consider smaller or not special, you have every right to be proud — and on the technical side, posting smaller wins makes you more credible to the media, which sets you up to be featured in bigger publications.

Another way to think about it is from a pay-it-forward perspective: Let’s say you were featured in a podcast but you have never heard of it and therefore feel like it isn’t something to be that excited about. Now imagine that you and other guests on that podcast start posting about how amazing their experience was and that podcast starts to grow.

Suddenly you’ve gone from being featured on a ‘smaller’ podcast to helping a podcast get famous and being the cool person that knew that podcast was the next big thing. We’re not saying this is bound to happen every time, but what do you have to lose by trying?

The Frequency Debate

Many clients ask us how many times they should be posting about their publicity wins, and the short answer is once per week. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t posting on other days!

Per request, Victorious PR creates custom social media plans for our clients that outline what they should post each day of the week.

If you would like to learn how you can use social media to optimize your media wins and get more press to bolster your socials, book a call with us today!

Victorious PR works together with each client to come up with impactful solutions for publicity and foster ongoing business-PR partnerships. Our team is made up of go-to PR agents and specialists with expertise in personal branding for startups, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and cryptocurrency projects.

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Additionally, our CEO, Victoria Kennedy, is a member of the Rolling Stone Cultural Council.

Victorious PR works diligently to provide our startup and real estate clients with industry-specific media, local press, podcasts, and leading publications to get their target audience to see them as the number one authority in their niche. We build lasting visibility, credibility, and authority through our proven PR framework.

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