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How Has PR Evolved Over the Years?

How Has PR Evolved Over the Years?

The history of public relations goes back centuries if you think of dictatorships and their advisors, whose jobs it was to make sure the kings and queens looked favorable to their people and other countries!

However, PR itself hasn’t evolved much – although nowadays, we think you would be hard-pressed to find a reputable PR company who would be okay with representing someone as morally corrupt (depending on who you ask) as an 18th-century monarch.

PR always has, and always will be, the action of managing a person or entity’s visibility, authority, and credibility in their market or sector.


What has changed are the methods we use to relate or assist our clients in relating to the public. With the advent of the internet, more and more things have become part of the metaverse. With that, the mode we communicate with the world around us has changed.

Where we used to read newspapers and watch cable television for our news, now we use a news app or check Twitter. Where we used to send postcards of photos by mail, we post selfies. Of course, physical magazines are still around, but many people choose to read their favorite publications on a tablet or e-reader.

This evolution is not a bad thing. In fact, it is more convenient than ever before. Almost every channel you would want to use to communicate with your audience is on their smartphone or laptop. That convenience gives more opportunities for top PR firms to get your name or business innovations out in front of the people you want to target.

Getting press is a matter of selecting the right PR firm that will deliver to your needs and waiting for your media placements to flood the screens of millions of people around the world. We can call, email, text, Zoom, ping, and Facetime you to get information about your goals and aspirations so that you can become the number one authority in your niche.

Our job is to hear your story and blast it to the world – and really, that has always been the mode of operation for public relations specialists. What continues to evolve over time is the way the public consumes your story.

Who Does It?

The other thing that changed slightly is the perception of who does PR. Leaders across time have always given speeches written by others. But now, many leaders write those speeches themselves – and give them every single day as short-form blurbs. We are referring here to social media posts.

Now more than ever, influencers and celebrities can say what they think on public forums. However, the word ‘perception’ is still crucial to note here. While a star or business owner may look like they are posting and captioning their own photos, most of the time, they have an entire team of PR persons working behind the scenes to give off that appearance.

There is nothing wrong with this because the job of a PR professional is to ensure the message YOU want the world to hear is heard. We are the masters of wording, which can be especially helpful for those who are not so inclined.

But the fact remains that many small business owners don’t have an extensive internal team, and they are the ones posting, which is so cool! We love this about many of our clients because we can create graphics that show off their recent media wins to share on their socials.

So the answer to “Who Does It” has a bit of an unclear answer, which is why PR firms tailor each campaign to each person’s needs – and we love that.Victorious PR was chosen as one of the best PR firms in Las Vegas by We place real estate, cryptocurrency and blockchain, healthcare, and entrepreneurial professionals in earned media features such as Entrepreneur, Inman, and more. Schedule a call with us if you would like to learn more about our services.

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  1. I like your article. I can see why you were voted best. You may have covered this already, I would like your thoughts on the thousands of people who find they have a knack for social media and anoint themselves a PR firm.

    Would some of them accidentally be a part of the fake news problem that we are experiencing?

    I do want to take exception to one of your conclusions. That despots don’t have large PR firms working for them.

    They have not only made it okay, they have made it essential to prop up Communist countries such as China and Vietnam with our dollars by buying their manufactured goods. In fact Vietnam is currently being touted as a wonderful place to retire in luxury with just your Social Security check. They have a large English speaking population from the US and Canada. It is said that $800 per month is enough to retire in style including in home help, health care, dining out and other entertainment.

    No matter how outrageous Putin gets, he seems to always repair his tattered reputation at home. He is very unpopular right now but unless we capitalize on it in a hurry and in a big way within Russia, he will turn it around.

    Just a few things I would like your thoughts on. Thanks.

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