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How Does PR Use Social Media?

How Does PR Use Social Media?

One of the biggest things social media does for our clients is act as a landing page to announce their media wins. Media wins are what we call our earned media, press, and podcast placements that we get for our clients. Once we make you the number one authority in your niche by declaring who you are and what you bring to the world, you can begin to log your publishing experiences on your social media platforms.

Mirroring your wins on your social media helps you build extra authority, visibility, and credibility from your perspective.

On a more granular level: social media effectively works as your platform to interact with your audience, potential connections and clients, and other professionals in your niche. Public relations is the management of society’s view of you and your business, so social media platforms are like your mailbox where you can get an informative grasp on what your audience likes, dislikes, needs, and wants from you.

You can communicate more directly with your audience through your social media channels than the article we get published for you in Inman, or Entrepreneur. However, both channels of communication are essential.

Think of social media as your audience’s sounding board. First, they can read about you and your business in publications they know and trust. Then they can come to your page and see not only you but your proud post about the feature they just read. And that post – right there – is the place they can comment and interact with you. It’s like you’re backing up your growing fame with a location that says, “Hey, I’m a person, just like you. I know you saw me in this major publication, and here is your space to reach out to me about it!”

People love social media nowadays because it makes celebrities seem more accessible. And in PR, that matters. As you grow into the celebrity status of number one authority in your niche, be it healthcare, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, real estate, or any other entrepreneurial venture, your social media platforms become that hallway of connection with your followers. It keeps you grounded – a positive image that your audience will perceive of you.

As a literal aspect, social media is where you can speak directly to your audience. It’s not an article quoting you with just another person’s words – you can tweet, share photos, create videos talking to your people, and even go live where they can watch you speak right to them in real-time. They can comment, you can respond. It is the most effective vehicle of mass communication there is. If that’s not public relations, we don’t know what is!

You can also use social media on a more internal level to watch for trends in your industry. Remember, you are part of the “public” in public relations as well! You can follow fellow industry leaders’ businesses that spearhead the trends in your niche, and you can use the information they come out with to your advantage. Commenting on something tremendous or controversial in your industry can have significant benefits if you have something intelligent and thought-provoking to add to the conversation.

Our clients do this all the time, whether they choose to publish an article with our help that comments on significant issues or use their social media platforms to publish their own video on a particular topic. 

Finally, social media analytics can be a powerful tool to follow trends. Use them to your advantage to curate your feed to be precisely what your audience wants to see, read, learn, and know about. Don’t leave out the critical, necessary information, but cater to your people.


Victorious PR helps our clients by creating graphics that show off their earned media features so they can blast their good news to the world! We are so proud of where our clients have gotten and can’t wait to see where they go next.

We were chosen as one of the Top PR Firms in Las Vegas by in 2021, but we have clients all over the United States. Please don’t hesitate to book a call with us today if you would like to learn how to get your press coverage to blast out to your social media channels!

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