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How Does PR Help You Reach Your Audience?

How Does PR Help You Reach Your Audience?

When you think about personal branding, many things might spring to mind: Social media, core values, brand message, press, public relations, media attention, audience awareness, authority building, target market… The list goes on and on. Each part is crucial to building a successful brand and business, but how do you actually reach your target audience?

Audience reach is the pinnacle of PR. Here, we are defining ‘audience reach’ in specific terms. It isn’t just getting your name in front of your audience; it is connecting with them through your brand message, story, mission statement, and relatability or influence.

An Exercise:

Let us imagine you are a TEDx motivational speaker (something a Top PR agency can help with, by the way!) You travel the United States, speaking in front of curated audiences that came to your talk because they were interested in your topic, the topics of the speakers sharing the stage with you, and the message you and they both have to share.

So it is with articles and podcasts.

Metaphorically speaking, that is what the readers of publications are doing as well. While the readers of Yahoo! Finance, and Vogue are not thoroughly separate, there is a clear difference between what the reader is trying to get out of their media consumption when they choose to read one or the other publication.

The best public relations firms know this and use the information accordingly.

Podcasts, Articles, and Connection, Oh My!

One of the simplest but most effective ways that Victorious PR takes advantage of knowing where your target audience hangs out is by pitching our clients to industry-specific podcasts.

Our specialty is customizing PR for entrepreneurs. Say a client is a single-mother boss lady financial wizard. We will pitch her to podcasts with women in business, families, female empowerment, and finance and entrepreneurship topics. Conversely, it wouldn’t make much sense to place her on a men’s fitness podcast (as an extreme example.)

While we ensure our clients get in front of ‘their people,’ we also make sure they are in top publications that get in front of millions of readers.

This combination builds a connection with your audience. Here’s how:

First, we put out a press release that announces you, your business, and any upcoming events or exciting news to the public.

Second, we write profile articles about you, explaining your curated origin story and why your business is a cut above the rest. These articles are featured in top-tier, Google-ranking publications such as LA Weekly, Business Insider, NY Weekly, and more.

Third, we write thought leadership pieces, with your guidance, that relay your valuable advice to your target audience. Hint: Your audience found you during the profile stage, and they’ve been waiting for more — they want to connect with and be like you.

All the while, we pitch you to podcasts where you can delve even deeper into what you’re all about and share your industry knowledge with your audience.

The bottom line is that PR helps you reach your audience by giving them something to read about, a way to get to know more about who you are and what your business stands for.

If you would like to learn how you can use PR to reach your target audience and beyond, book a call with us today!

Victorious PR is a proud member of the Rolling Stone Cultural Council. We have also won multiple accolades, including Best PR Firms in Las Vegas by Expertise, Top Las Vegas Public Relations Firms by Clutch, and Top PR Companies by Mirror Review.

Victorious PR is the top PR agency that supports entrepreneurs and businesses to get featured in top-tier media, press, podcasts, and leading publications, allowing the public to view them as industry authorities in their niches. Our clients have become TEDx speakers and built ongoing authority, credibility, and visibility by maintaining their messaging with our proven PR framework and PR steps.

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