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How Can You Use PR as a Tool for Advocacy?

How Can You Use PR as a Tool for Advocacy?

If you think about it, PR is the primary tool we use to express advocacy to the masses. Advocacy is defined as “public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy,” by Google Dictionary/Oxford Languages.

We can construe the meaning of ‘public support’ here in a few ways:

  • You publicly support a cause or policy in front of family members and friends in your daily life
  • You publicly support a cause or policy on your public social media pages, including blogs
  • You publicly support a cause or policy in the media

By definition, public relations tools are your main arsenal for displaying advocacy!

You can do this by painting a picture of yourself as an advocate for a specific cause in all articles, using that as your main narrative. Or, you can use a particular tagline, such as ‘Martha Smith, Advocate for Children’s Wellness,’ anywhere articles mention your name.

You could also opt to have a few sentences or a paragraph in your profile features describe your love of that cause and how that cause inspires you or how you came to care for that cause. Another way is by creating a thought leadership piece where you advise readers on how to support a particular cause or policy.

At Victorious PR, we support our clients and who they are. Sometimes their narrative includes a particular cause that spurred on their origin story, or they support a policy because their background history holds a tale that brought them to care about that policy.

You can use PR to build your personal branding, keeping causes and policies for which you advocate close at hand. In fact, when a top PR agency helps you craft your branding narrative, you can make the causes you care about part of that message — it’s totally up to you.

Before you even seek out a PR team, when you initially think about yourself, your mission, and how that relates to your business, you might have already included that advocacy into your mission and strategy.

The best public relations firms will listen to your needs and want to help you nail down a specific narrative and story that communicates the message you want the world to know about you. Unless you want to hide your beliefs for any particular reason, being an advocate for a good cause is something we would include.

PR for Entrepreneurs: An Example of How to Include Advocacy

Let’s say you are a realtor looking for real estate press placements, but you are also a big fan of and advocate for animal rescues. You come to us with the following personal bullet points during our Brand Strategy Session:

  • Rhonda Johnson
  • Real estate agent in South Florida
  • Loves rescuing puppies and kittens; donates every year to rescues
  • Has sold over 5 million dollars worth of homes last year
  • Into sports
  • Grew up with a rescue puppy named Comet
  • Has two kids
  • Has won an award for Best Real Estate Agent in your community

We might then write something like this for your profile piece:

Rhonda Johnson, an award-winning real estate agent in South Florida, has sold over 5 million dollars worth of properties in the last year alone. She is a family-centric woman and works for Johnson Brokerage. Johnson grew up with rescue dogs all her life, is passionate about rescuing animals, and gives 1% of her annual earnings to the SPCA. Her interest in selling homes comes from her love of being able to provide homes for animals in need.

See how we intertwined your personal details with the causes about which you care? For some, an advocacy might not seem to have much to do with what you do for a living, while for others, it might be the leading accelerator of their business. It’s all about how you spin it!

If you would like to learn more about how we can blend advocacy with PR for you and your business, book a call with us today!

We are an award-winning firm that helps entrepreneurs and businesses get featured in industry-specific media, local press, podcasts, and top publications, so the public sees them as industry leaders in their fields. By controlling their narrative with our proven framework, our clients have become TEDx speakers and build ongoing authority, credibility, and visibility.

We believe in having a working partnership with our clients and see our results as a direct connection to our lasting relationships. We are the go-to agents and PR specialists for personal branding for entrepreneurs in real estate, healthcare, cryptocurrency, and many more industries.

Victorious PR has won numerous awards, including Best PR Firms in Las Vegas by Expertise, Top PR Companies by Mirror Review, and Top Las Vegas Public Relations Firms by Clutch. We are also proud members of the Rolling Stone Cultural Council.

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