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Forbes Agency Council Member

Forbes Agency Council Member

We are so proud to be writing this blog today to announce that our own CEO and TEDx speaker, Victoria Kennedy, has joined the esteemed ranks of invitation-only Forbes Agency Council this year!

Forbes has multiple councils, each with the goal of bringing together master thought leaders in their industry. Among them, the “Forbes Agency Council Is An Invitation-Only Community For Senior-Level Agency Executives. Members are respected leaders and executives of PR, media, creative, and ad agencies who are selected for the council based on the depth and diversity of experience in their industry.”

While her official membership on the Agency Council is just beginning, Kennedy has already begun to answer weekly Expert Panel Questions to share her knowledge of the PR industry, how she conducts business, to what standards she holds herself as a CEO and leader, and what it takes to become a top PR firm.

“I am honored to be joining the prestigious Forbes Agency Council,” said Kennedy. “Our core value at Victorious PR is ‘excellence’ and that is what we strive for in providing the best we can for our clients. I look forward to bringing that value, as well as integrity, precision, personal responsibility, and good-heartedness to my duties on the council and for readers.”

Being a member of this council brings connections, visibility, and growth to its members — aspects that Victorious PR reps and writers are pros at helping our clients achieve.

Victoria Kennedy is the leading PR industry professional with expertise in:

  • Authority Building
  • How to Create Visibility and Credibility for Your Business
  • PR for Entrepreneurs: How and Why You Need PR

Of late, Victorious has been on a winning streak, and joining this agency is just the cherry on top of a very large and growing sundae of success. We are strengthening our sales and branding teams, just finished revamping our client proposals to better reflect our niches, are doing more networking than ever before, increasing our ad strategy, and working with fantastic clients that teach and enlighten us every day.

We love learning about each of our clients’ unique stories so that we can use our proven framework to develop, sharpen, and communicate their narratives. And joining the Forbes Agency Council just increases our ability to do that, because as Miss Kennedy says, “Great minds think alike, and there is strength in numbers when it comes to intelligent minds.”

A melding and flowing of expertise and power is exactly what the Forbes Agency Council is — a place to meet, greet, rub shoulders with, learn from, teach, and understand one another in our industry.

If you want to work with a PR Powerhouse like Victoria Kennedy, meet her face-to-face by becoming a client of Victorious PR!

Victorious PR was voted one of the Top PR Agencies in Las Vegas by We service clients who work in the healthcare, cryptocurrency, and real estate sectors. We acquire media press for our clients by creating personal branding for entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and coaches who want to become the Number One Authority in their niche.

Victorious PR works with fresh and seasoned professionals to help them define, curate, and spread their branding to their target audience. Our PR specialists are the industry’s go-to agents. And we are led by an official member of the Forbes Agency Council!

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