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Does Cultural Sensitivity Play an Important Role in Your Brand Messaging Across Markets?

Does Cultural Sensitivity Play an Important Role in Your Brand Messaging Across Markets?

Oxford defines ‘culture’ as “the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social groups.”

Every place on the planet has its own rules, customs, and flavor. In short, it is crucial to be mindful of those differences when thinking about branding if your business will be venturing into foreign markets. Even at home, any company will not be every person’s cup of tea, so making your branding as inclusive as possible will give you the highest chance of success.

That isn’t to say that you can’t have an ‘exclusive’ or ‘luxury’ vibe for your brand. The secret is to ensure that the exclusivity lies in price and feel, rather than blocking out a specific type of person, belief, or situation. On a broad spectrum, a brand’s message to everyone should be, “This is for you, but if it’s not your thing, that is okay too.”

With the United States being the melting pot of many diverse and beautiful cultures, it is vital to practice cultural sensitivity and awareness in all cases, never mind the country. Each state is different from the other, and there are multiple cultural groups within those states.

As a straightforward example, let’s say your company sells ramen noodles. According to Localize, the Japanese view slurping your noodles as a polite way to express that you are enjoying them, while the West sees slurping as rude. In this case, you might have a very different Instagram reel for each country, with slurping and non-slurping influencers!

Keep In Mind

Cultural sensitivity plays a crucial role when working in a market that is not your own. Knowing what values are essential to that new community market and what is culturally and, perhaps, economically relevant to the space you want to work in will help you connect faster and more authentically.

Cultural sensitivity is more important every single day. Many of us have experienced that awkward feeling when we see an advertisement that ‘addresses’ certain cultures ‘directly’ but does it completely wrong, thinking it will resonate with their audience, but instead making them laugh and alienating them. Some multicultural TV commercials are amusing because their messaging is either wrong or misdelivered. When speaking about or to different cultures, it is paramount to dig in and find out about their qualities. By talking to people from the area into which you would like to break, you minimize the chances of your marketing becoming the punch line (or worse, the scandal).

We need to make sure that our brand narratives are well-crafted because there are messages, symbols, and even simple words that have significantly different meanings across cultures. Researching and engaging with people in your target market can increase the ability to connect and resonate with the audience more clearly and successfully.

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