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Do You Tailor Your Messaging Based on Your Market?

Do You Tailor Your Messaging Based on Your Market? | Victorious PR

If you are in a specific market, such as cryptocurrency or real estate, you are likely aware that your niche has specific needs. Whether you have a customer base or a pool of investors you are looking to grow, tailoring your messaging based on their interests and habits will benefit you greatly. By tailoring your message for your specific market you can branch into secondary and tertiary adjacent markets with fresh angles.

For example, say you own a healthcare technology company that aids communication between doctors and their clients. You will likely target the healthcare sector with topics such as medical advancements and advice. Alternately, you have the option to target the technology niche with subjects on the benefits of technology in general while mentioning, subtly, your healthcare technology.

The two mingle together well, and by targeting each market individually and mindfully, you can reach a broader audience, up your visibility, and increase your credibility in two unique markets. Both markets can benefit your company, whether they become customers of, tell their network about, or want to sell your product through their channels.

The number of target markets is unlimited, but by laser-focusing on one or two and nailing down your exact message for each, you can organically expand as each market becomes used to your presence and authority.

How Does PR Help Tailor Your Message?

The role of a public relations firm is to help you craft a clear story for you and your brand and spread the word.

Every day, Victorious PR accounts for the niche-specific markets of our clients as we pitch to a variety of publications. In fact, this knowledge is one of the weightiest factors we account for when delegating articles to our talented in-house writers. We pair each article with media and press opportunities that match the angle or message.

Forbes likely will not publish a fashion advice piece, for example, but a lifestyle magazine will. That does not mean we cannot get you into Forbes if you are a fashionista! It just means that we will tailor your messaging to earn you a well-deserved placement in that publication. (A profile piece on an up-and-coming fashion house’s fresh business tactics, perhaps?)

More specifically, there are also rules made by the editors of these publications. We can’t just throw them articles willy-nilly. A prestigious real estate magazine like Inman, for example, requires strictly non-promotional pieces. This requirement is fantastic for our real estate clients because, in many cases, the more subtle you are about the wares you peddle, the better.

Our strategy is all about making sure you earn your place at the top of your niche, and that is done by curating the correct messages, for the correct channels, with the correct vision.

Victorious PR was named one of the top PR firms in Las Vegas by We earn media placements for our clients in top publications like Entrepreneur, Inman, and Rolling Stone and service a broad array of clientele, most notably blockchain and cryptocurrency gurus, real estate moguls, and healthcare professionals.

If you would like to learn how a public relations specialist from Victorious PR can help you become the number one authority in your niche, please don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us at

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