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Meet Victorious PR, the number one PR agency for crypto projects. We help crypto projects launch successfully by maximizing their online presence through PR, social media management, community engagement, and influencer marketing. Schedule your free strategy session with our team today to uncover the best strategy for your business.


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We Create Successful Launches
For Top Crypto Projects.

Word-of-mouth and community excitement is the most crucial thing to get a project off the ground and launched successfully.

We put our clients in top publications that get them noticed by whale investors, while increasing community engagement in a real way to build trust, faith, and goodwill in users.

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PR & Media Outreach

We Place Clients in the
Top Business and Crypto
Publications in the World

Thousands of crypto projects are launching everyday;
PR helps you stand out from the rest. If you want to be taken seriously among investors then we can get you in
the top media publications in the world, such as Forbes, CoinTelegraph, Entrepreneur, Inc., CoinSpeaker, and more.

Content Management

Social Media

We will actively manage your content for all of your social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and Discord. This includes creating killer content that educates your audience and hypes them about your project, as well as stellar graphics that make you stand out from the rest.
We will boost your social media numbers by directly targeting your audience using hashtags, relevant information, and capitalizing on trending topics.

Engagement and Growth

Telegram/Discord Community

Our crypto experts will actively engage with your community in both Telegram and Discord to foster faith in the project and create hype among your community members.

We will be the experts of your project, by fully absorbing your whitepaper so that we know your project inside and out. When we are engaging with your community, we are the experts that provide real engagement with your audience — not copy and pasted responses.

Influencer Marketing

Get Connected With The Largest Crypto & NFT Influencers In The World

We have connections with the top crypto influencers in the world. This includes influencers on platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and even whale Telegram groups.

We are able to secure shoutouts for our clients from these top experts as well as AMAs and exclusive interviews on their top rated channels.
This has fostered faith and trust in our clients’ crypto projects and has substantially contributed to the growth of their communities.

We analyze the influencers, not relying on hearsay and hype: We push for real results using our team of analytics specialists to vet each influencer for active, real audiences with value-driven community engagement.

Content Marketing

Crypto and NFT content strategy that pushes traffic and converts.

It is not enough to just have traffic. You need followers that take action and actively involve themselves in your community. You also need content that actually speaks to your target audience, is relevant, competitive, and trending. We are always up on trends, so we understand how to position you as the #1 project people are talking about.

Investor Outreach

Attract Whale Investors
to Your Project

We know how to attract the whales by meeting them where they are at. Lucky for you, we have connections with the biggest publications that the whales are actively reading: Bloomberg, Forbes, and Inc., to name a few.
By building trust in your community, through our social media content and active, educational community engagement, we have been successful in attracting big players and angel investors to our clients’ crypto projects.

Complete Social Media
Management & Engagement


Active Twitter management to reach your desired audience anywhere in the world.


Maximize your audience by positioning posts on the most crypto-trending Instagram profiles.


Complete analysis of and contact with the YouTubers with the most loyal communities.


Provide transparency and credibility to your project by organizing AMAs for the community.


Vetter $VSL Presale
Sold Out in 3 Minutes!

Vetter Ecosystem: $VSL Token Launch Highlights — 8-Figure Launch! We took an omni-channel approach with this company, taking them from 0 users in their Telegram group to 18K active community members with an 8-figure presale launch! 

Presale sold out in 3 minutes

Grew Presale Telegram group to 18K members in 2 weeks

56.26% of total VSL supply locked!

17K BNB locked in staking

895 BNB worth of VSL distributed in first 2 hours to stakers, roughly equivalent to $2.5 million to stakers

645 people in presale

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

"Since working with them, our traffic to our website has increased at least 93% in the first 2 weeks without adding any improvements to SEO."
Christian Santiago
"Our business has grown substantially as a result of our partnership with Victorious PR. Many clients have told us that they’ve been encouraged to contact us after reading an interview, listening to a podcast, or seeing one of our media appearances."
Galen M. Hair
"We now have a waiting list of nearly 90 people for our academy; prior to our engagement with Victorious, only around 15–20 people would sign up with us. My next big event is in August 2022, and because of the large waiting list, we’ll also have to do something in September 2022. Moreover, a multi-billion dollar company is getting ready to be our first sponsor. This is what I’ve needed; if the companies know the depth of what we do, I know we’ll have bigger contracts. Victorious has helped us achieve this by getting my name out there."
Lanette Pinkard

Why Work With Us

We have worked with the best in the industry, including top crypto projects such as Vetter Ecosystem.
The biggest influencers in the cryptosphere trust us.

We were chosen as the #1 PR Firm in Las Vegas by, named one of the Top PR Companies by Mirror Review, and the Fastest Growing PR Agency in the US by PRovoke Media.

We have over 16 5-star reviews on Clutch, and over 20 5-star reviews on Google. Just Google Victorious PR if you don’t believe us!

How We Do It

We consistently take clients from best-kept secrets to #1 Authorities in the niches, by following our proven framework that consists of an omni-present, multi-channeled approach to PR and marketing.

What sets us apart from everyone in the industry is that we are able to guarantee placements with top-tier publications for your project, because of our trusted connections with the media.

Our in-house crypto experts take an active interest in fully understanding your whitepaper to be able to mindfully engage with your community to add demonstrated value and hype. We create a community that believes in your project for the long-haul. We got diamond hands — no panic selling here.

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