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Nicole Barker

Nicole Cherie Barker

CEO of Wonder Women Client Attraction

About Nicole

Nicole Cherie Barker is the CEO of Wonder Women Client Attraction. She has helped thousands of women attract their unicorn clients with ease without cold outreach. In order to help as many women as possible to attract as many unicorn clients as they can—all without struggling through cold outreach calls and emails, Barker was inspired to create and launch a new program that focuses on these effective social media strategies.

Nicole runs a successful free Facebook group with over 10,000 members where she teaches “high vibe Wonder Women”. She encourages her group members to show up authentically. 

The Challenge

Building Nicole’s Presence in Press as An Authority in Female Business Coaching Sector

Nicole’s story behind “Wonder Women Client Attraction” is a story of rapid growth, constant improvement and authenticity. She has developed her coaching program for client attraction and scaled her business to $60k in only 3 months. She saw the potential of a well structured PR campagne as something she can leverage and use to promote her free facebook group. Her main goal was to be introduced to the coaching world as a fast growing female coach who changes the lives of her customers bringing authenticity, courage and more clients.

The Results

Press Presence. Authority. Credibility

Our work follows three stages: defining the brand strategy content for media with the client, developing the content with our excellent team of writers and brand strategists and finally activating the campaign by promoting our client’s work to the media (including online, print and broadcast), focusing on the specific story angles and media niches the client is part of or keen to connect with.

Nicole’s niches and press angles:

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