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Jared Curry

Jared Curry

CEO of Scope 16

About Jared

Jared Curry is a 19 years old, 7 figure business owner and CEO of Scope 16. At 16, he read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and it changed his life. Now, Jared is changing the face of eCommerce marketing. He oversees a team of completely remote digital marketing geniuses that work on the best program and support system for their clients. Jared inspires young people all around the country to do what he did, to take a risk and start something for themselves. He is a regular contributor for Blavity, International Youth Journal and SiteProNews. He has been featured in many publications and interviewed for some of the best podcasts in his industry.

The Challenge

Building Jared's Authority as a Young CEO & Ecomm Marketing Expert

Jared is a young, successful entrepreneur that was making $50k per month at the beginning of his campaign. He became a 7 figure business owner after 6 months of his contract with Victorious PR. He is a self-thought, black Jersey boy who is making a big impact on eComm marketing by providing extra value, extra care and a great support system for his clients. Jared didn’t want to have a pure promotion of his business, he wanted to reach out to as many young people as possible and inspire them to take risks and start something for themselves. The main goal of our 6 months campaign was to support Jared’s outstanding results and to promote the person behind the business by providing media space for Jared as a contributor, motivational speaker and eComm marketing expert.

The Results

Leverage. Media Coverage. Authority.

Our work follows three stages: defining the brand strategy content for media with the client, developing the content with our excellent team of writers and brand strategists and finally activating the campaign by promoting our client’s work to the media (including online, print and broadcast), focusing on the specific story angles and media niches the client is part of or keen to connect with.

Jared’s niches and press angles:


“She has genuinely helped my business tremendously and my personal brand. She has been getting me on podcasts, on articles all over the internet. And I have become the authoritative brand in my space. And it’s been such an asset to our organization”. 

– Jared Curry

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