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3 Reasons to Use PR Instead of Ads

3 Reasons to Use Public Relations Instead of Ads

“Oh, I run ads, I don’t need PR.”

That is one of the top things we hear as a public relations agency. And we get it. We are in a world where ads are VERY popular and that’s all some people know today. 

But it’s important to look at others and educate yourself on what may be a better tactic. 

Public relations has a lot of benefits that ads just can’t provide. Let’s check them out. 

Increase Your Reach

With public relations, you are increasing your reach by the masses. We like to say you can quadruple it compared to ads.

Think about it this way. When you publish an article, it’s out there forever. When you run an ad, there’s eventually an end date. 

The shelf life of an article is infinite, which plays a significant role when someone Googles you, because you are going to pop up! That’s not going to happen with an ad running on Facebook. 

Also, a press release can be sent to many different outlets. You have print, television, radio, AND online. If the story gets picked up, it’s likely going to get picked up by more than one. And that means more reach!!

Save Money and Increase ROI

Paid advertising can get expensive, and if you don’t spend a substantial amount on it, you may see little, if any, results. 

With public relations, it’s all about relationships. For instance, here at Victorious PR, we pitch you to over 100 different publications because of the great relationships that we have formed. 

That is what you must look for in a public relations firm. You want them to have built trust and credibility with many publications so that you can benefit from this process. 

This then not only adds a layer of credibility (that advertising doesn’t), but also increases visibility, leading to an increase in ROI. 

Targeted Customers

Although you can target specific groups of people with ads, it’s never fully effective. You always get the stragglers that weren’t meant to be. 

With PR, you can clearly choose the right media outlet to hone in on your exact target audience. 

How amazing is it to know that the time and effort you are putting in is going to go directly to the audience you intended it for?

The objective behind a successful PR campaign lies in the fact that the customer gets a more personable, trustworthy approach. 

By using PR, businesses can enhance their persona and start building a legacy. 

What other marketing strategy can you say that about? We know ads aren’t one of them!

If you would like to learn more about public relations and how to start implementing it into your marketing strategy,  book a call with us today!

Between startups, entrepreneurs, and real estate professionals, we are confident in saying we are your go-to PR agency. We love to work with different individuals and have a direct impact in helping them succeed. 

We get leaders in the local press, industry-specific media, leading publications, and podcasts, allowing the public to see them as credible within their industry.

We’re honored to be part of the Rolling Stone Cultural Council a recognition of our commitment to cultural excellence. Alongside this, our achievements have been acknowledged through various accolades. Expertise has named us the Best PR Firms in Las Vegas by Expertise, recognized as one of the Top Las Vegas Public Relations Firms by Clutch, and distinguished us among Top PR Companies by Mirror Review.

Our clients have become TEDx speakers and built ongoing authority, credibility, and visibility all through the use of our trusted and proven process. Give us a call today to chat!

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